Four Gorgeous Scenic Drives for a Texas Road Trip

June 21st, 2020 by

Willow City Loop
The Willow City Loop in central Texas is especially beautiful in the spring, when wildflowers bloom by the hills and creeks that line the road. You won’t need to take a weekend for this trip, as this point-to-point trail is only 13 miles. To get to it, either head north from Willow City or turn east off State Route 16 near the Kunz Homestead.

Lonesome Highway
Be sure your car is in good repair prior to tackling the Lonesome Highway — this path along the Guadalupe Mountains is truly in the wilderness. Should you make the trip, you’ll find all sorts of awe-inspiring views along this scenic drive.

Highway 207
Highway 207 runs through the Palo Duro Canyon, America’s second-largest canyon. A full loop of the highway will take you out about 200 miles, so you’ll have plenty of chances to view this 120-mile long canyon in north Texas.

FM 170
FM 170, also called the “River Road,” follows the Rio Grande in western Texas. Prickly pears and other cacti line the route, as do the beautiful foot-tall Big Bend Bluebonnets. Parts of this highway will take you through the Big Bend Ranch State Park, and the south end isn’t far from the Big Bend National Park.

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