Transform Your Chevrolet Truck for Summer Fun

August 21st, 2020 by

One of the best things about owning a truck is its versatile bed. It is great for moving day, weekend DIY projects, and carrying equipment for your next job. However, your truck’s bed can also create some summer fun.


Eating outside is a simple way to add some variety to your day, and kids love having picnics. Instead of eating on the ground, set up a fun picnic spot in your truck’s bed. Add a large blanket and even some pillows to make it extra comfortable.

Spend a night outdoors sleeping under the stars without waking up with a rock in your back. Create a cozy camping bed with sleeping bags and pillows in your truck. You can even go all out and buy a tent that attaches to your truck’s bed.

Movie Night

If you happen to live close enough to an old school drive-in movie theater, your truck bed is the ideal spot to sit under the stars and watch a fun movie. If there is not one nearby, you can create your own drive-in movie experience at home. Everyone can pile into the truck bed and you can watch a movie on the family laptop or tablet. If you happen to own a projector, hang up a sheet on the side of your house and watch the movie from there.

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