Try Something New and Use Your Chevrolet as an Office

July 21st, 2020 by

If you find yourself needing to get out of the house at the same time you need to work, consider working from your car. With mobile data plans and portable laptops, taking care of complex tasks is simple as you relax in your own driveway or set up work at a local park for a beautiful change of scenery.

Productivity Boosts
Telecommuting problems got you down? Connecting your phone to your vehicle’s Bluetooth® may help. Bluetooth® filters out unwanted background noise, enhancing your audio quality.

Remote work requires an internet connection, so be prepared to invest in a significant data plan. Many Chevrolet vehicles offer available 4G LTE in-cabin Wi-Fi, or you can use your phone’s hotspot features. Either way, you’ll want to purchase a power bank for your laptop and phone, ensuring you can keep working all day long.

Work Comfortably
Working from your car does not need to be uncomfortable. Using windshield blinds and the AC will help keep the temperature where you want it in the summer months, and seat heaters can help keep you warm when the weather starts turning.

Laptops get hot when under serious use, and investing in a simple lap desk can help keep it — and you — cool. Otherwise, feel free to use your center console as a desk, or use your truck bed or SUV’s cargo area as a standing desk.

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